Baking Great Cookies Is Not Just An Art. It’s Science!

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When it comes to baking cookies, the great debate really comes down to crispy versus chewy and holding shape or spreading into a mess. So the question is, what’s the science behind it? If you master the science, will each batch of cookies come out just the way you like it?

Creating the perfect cookie comes down to making the perfect dough and then cooking it just so. Sounds easy, right? Well, not so fast.

“Food is amazingly complicated and we kind of think this thing is just sitting there and nothing’s happening, but that’s not the case at all,”. “Whether the dough is resting before or after baking, it’s constantly undergoing change.”

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Galletas De Navidad Con El Rodillo Goody Woody

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Felíz día Nacional de las Gallletas!

Como hoy estamos celebrando el dia nacional de las galletas en Estados Unidos, decidí preparar unas galletas con uno de mis rodillos para galletas favoritos que mis amigos de Goody Woody me enviaron desde Polonia!.

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Star Fireworks Cookies

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Bring more joy to celebrate 4th of July by making these Fireworks Cookies.

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Easter Basket Cookies

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The Basket weave is another technique I really enjoy using. It looks amazing on cookies and cakes!

Easter Cookies Baketweave

To create the basket weave on a cookie or cupcake, use a #2 round tip. For cakes; use a #7, #47 or a #18 tip.

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How To Decorate Valentine’s Day Cookies With Gold Royal Icing

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Share some love with these cute Valentine’s Day cookies and practice the art of freehand drawing with Royal Icing.  Learn how to highlight with edible gold paint to create a more elegant presentation in your creations.

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How To Decorate Valentine’s Day Cookies

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In this tutorial we will be decorating cookies with sugar pearls for valentine’s day.

Plaque with heart cookie cutter

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Cómo Decorar Galletas En Forma de Corazón Con Glasé Real

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Cuando aún vivía en Mexico cada San Valentín mis amigas y yo solíamos celebrarlo haciendo un intercambio de regalos, en esta ocasión en mi visita a México hornee estas lindas galletas para mis amigas, a pesar de que ya no estaría para el 14 de Febrero, no podía irme sin hacerles un pequeño regalo. Las quiero mucho y como dice mi amiga Liz “No importa el tiempo ni la distancia, la amistad verdadera traspasa eso y mas”

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How To Decorate Cookies For Valentine’s Day

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In this tutorial you will learn the wet-on-wet technique.

This is a fun technique to use for making different designs on your cookies. In this example, I drew a crown of hearts on the heart shaped cookie.

Valentine Cookie

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How To Make Daisies With Fondant And Gum Paste

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The versatility of fondant daisies cannot be overstated, due to the fact that they look attractive in a variety of colors. In this tutorial, you will learn to create these stylized pink daisies. We will be using sugar pearls to form the center of the flower.

I use this type of daisy to decorate cupcakes for weddings, bridal showers and birthdays parties.

Margaritas Rosas

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How To Decorate Christmas Tree Cookies

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In this tutorial you’ll learn how to decorate christmas tree cookies using the filigree technique with royal icing.

I know this technique can be difficult to use at first, but with practice and the correct royal icing consisntecy, you’ll be able to create amazing decorations on your cookies and cupcakes.  Christmas tree cookies

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