Easter Basket Cookies

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The Basket weave is another technique I really enjoy using. It looks amazing on cookies and cakes!

Easter Cookies Baketweave

To create the basket weave on a cookie or cupcake, use a #2 round tip. For cakes; use a #7, #47 or a #18 tip.

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Cómo Decorar Galletas De San Valentín Con Glasé Color Dorado

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Reparte amor con estas lindas galletas de San Valentin y práctica la técnica de dibujo a mano alzada con Glasé Real aprende también a matiza con tonos dorados para ofrecer presentaciones más elegantes de tus creaciones.

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How To Decorate Christmas Tree Cookies

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In this tutorial you’ll learn how to decorate christmas tree cookies using the filigree technique with royal icing.

I know this technique can be difficult to use at first, but with practice and the correct royal icing consisntecy, you’ll be able to create amazing decorations on your cookies and cupcakes.  Christmas tree cookies

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