How To Decorate Cookies For Valentine’s Day

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In this tutorial you will learn the wet-on-wet technique.

This is a fun technique to use for making different designs on your cookies. In this example, I drew a crown of hearts on the heart shaped cookie.

Valentine Cookie

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How To Make Daisies With Fondant And Gum Paste

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The versatility of fondant daisies cannot be overstated, due to the fact that they look attractive in a variety of colors. In this tutorial, you will learn to create these stylized pink daisies. We will be using sugar pearls to form the center of the flower.

I use this type of daisy to decorate cupcakes for weddings, bridal showers and birthdays parties.

Margaritas Rosas

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How To Decorate Christmas Tree Cookies

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In this tutorial you’ll learn how to decorate christmas tree cookies using the filigree technique with royal icing.

I know this technique can be difficult to use at first, but with practice and the correct royal icing consisntecy, you’ll be able to create amazing decorations on your cookies and cupcakes.  Christmas tree cookies

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How To Decorate Christmas Cookies

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In this tutorial you will learn how to decorate christmas cookies using the stencil technique, and working with 2 different consistencies of royal icing.

To learn more about royal icing consistencies please go to the link: What is Royal Icing?

For this project you will need to make Gingerbread cookies, and you can find my recipe here: Gingerbread Cookies

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Cómo Decorar Galletas Navideñas

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En este tutorial aprenderás a decorar galletas inspiradas en esferas navideñas lindísimas para acompañar esta navidad con tu familia o para ofrecer como regalo.

En este tutorial te enseñare la técnica del uso del esténcil con glasé real.

Para éste proyecto necesitas preparar galletas de jengibre, para esto puedes usar mi receta y la puedes encontrar aquí: Galletas de Jengibre

Christmas Cookies

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