How To Decorate Christmas Cookies

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In this tutorial you will learn how to decorate christmas cookies using the stencil technique, and working with 2 different consistencies of royal icing.

To learn more about royal icing consistencies please go to the link: What is Royal Icing?

For this project you will need to make Gingerbread cookies, and you can find my recipe here: Gingerbread Cookies

Christmas Cookies Christmas Cookies

Click on the picture below to watch the tutorial on How to make a Royal Icing Reindeer


Here you will find the rest of the supplies you’ll need for this project.

 To achieve the fuchsia color in your royal icing, use the Wilton Color Right System
Christmas Cookies

Fuchsia= For every 2 cups of royal icing, use 4 drops of blue and 8-10 drops of pink color.

Royal Blue= For every 2 cups of royal icing, use 1 drop of black and 8-10 drops of blue color.


Consider that color can vary depending on how much pressure you use while squeezing the Wilton bottles, my advice is to gradually add drops and mix the royal icing each time until you achieve the desire color.

The Wilton box comes with a color chart with instructions as well.

Follow the link to learn how to decorate these adorable cookies.

Get the decorating products I use in my projects here: My Favorite Products


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