How To Decorate Valentine’s Day Cookies

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In this tutorial we will be decorating cookies with sugar pearls for valentine’s day.

Plaque with heart cookie cutter

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How To Make Daisies With Fondant And Gum Paste

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The versatility of fondant daisies cannot be overstated, due to the fact that they look attractive in a variety of colors. In this tutorial, you will learn to create these stylized pink daisies. We will be using sugar pearls to form the center of the flower.

I use this type of daisy to decorate cupcakes for weddings, bridal showers and birthdays parties.

Margaritas Rosas

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Cómo Hacer Margaritas Con Fondant Y Pasta De Goma

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La versatilidad para hacer margaritas de fondant es inmensa, existe una gran variedad de colores para crear; en éste tutorial aprenderemos hacer margaritas estilizadas y para esto usaremos perlas de azúcar para formar el centro de la flor, éste estilo de margaritas lo he utilizado para decorar cupcakes para bodas, despedidas de soltera y cumpleaños.IMG_6647_Borde

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