Six Different Ways To Decorate Christmas Tree Cookies

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Thanksgiving is quickly approaching, which will set in motion some family holiday traditions.  The day after Thanksgiving, the entire family heads out on a quest to find the perfect Christmas tree!  Once we get it home, we bake cookies and decorate the tree all night!  It’s one of my favorite tradition, and one that we all love to enjoy together.

In this tutorial I’ll teach you 6 different ways to decorate a Christmas Tree Cookie, using different decorating techniques. I hope you love them!


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How To Make A Royal Icing Reindeer

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After receiving multiple queries regarding the royal icing reindeer I used in last year’s christmas cookies, I’ve created this tutorial to teach you the technique.


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Thanksgiving Plaid Cookies

Who doesn’t love this time of the year? I enjoy every moment of it, beginning with the nice outfits and amazing food. This time, I’m sharing a very simple, but cute way to decorate your cookies. I used a Plaid Shirts as inspiration.

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How To Decorate Snowflake Gingerbread Cookies

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In this tutorial you will learn how to decorate snowflake-shaped gingerbread cookies, you can find my recipe in this link: Gingerbread Cookies Recipe

This recipe can be use to built gingerbread houses as well.

Snowflake Gingerbread Cookies

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Snowflake Cookies

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In this tutorial you will learn to decorate snowflake cookies, you can use any sugar cookie recipe for this project.

Snowflake S ugar Cookies

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Galletas De Copo De Nieve

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En este tutorial aprenderás a decorar galletas en forma de copos de nieve, puedes utilizar cualquier receta de galletas de azúcar para este proyecto.


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