What is Isomalt? Answering all your questions…

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In this highly requested video I’m finally talking about everything you need to know about Isomalt.

Isomalt is a type of sugar alcohol, used primarily for its sugar-like physical properties. It has only a small impact on blood sugar levels and does not promote tooth decay. Its flavor is exactly the same as any sugar candy like a lollipop.

It is an odorless, white, crystalline substance containing about 5% water of crystallisation.

Isomalt is widely used for the production of sugar-free candy, especially hard-boiled candy, because it resists crystallisation much better than the standard combinations of sucrose and corn syrup. It is used in sugar sculpture for the same reason.

In comparison with sugar, Isomalt doesn’t absorb humidity from the ambience once it is well done. Another benefit is that it doesn’t crystalize and it is highly resistant to high temperatures maintaining its clear color.

The best way to prepare Isomalt is to simply bring it to 330F, then let it temperature so you can shape it the way you prefer, for this you can use different tools to make amazing forms and figures. The longer you boil the isomalt the thinker it will get and this would be perfect for like the piñata cookies, sculpturing etc.

I really like to use the Ck Prodcuts Isomalt Crystals, there are different presentations, due to the demand of cookies I bake I buy it in bulk presentation, but I’m leaving you the links to the 1 and 5 lbs. I’ve been always asked the brand I use and I honestly highly recommend this one, since I’ve tried different ones but only this one gives me precisely the finish I need on my designs.

My Sugar Cookie And Royal Icing Recipe

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To achieve the proper royal icing consistencies, please read my blog post: What is Royal Icing?

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6 thoughts on “What is Isomalt? Answering all your questions…

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  2. Hi- beautiful cookies always! You are a huge inspiration. Question…in the isomalt tutorial, you indicate to melt at 330f, but in the written directions you indicate 230f. Can you confirm which temperature is correct for window cookies? Many thanks!


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