Fall Cookies – Project Wilton Instagram Takeover

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Its Cookie Month and I want to say THANK YOU WILTON for the INSTAGRAM TAKE OVER, it was an awesome experience to work on this project for Wilton, and I’m so excited to share with all of you this tutorial on How to Decorate Fall Cookies using different techniques including the Isomalt Cookies.

To decorate these cookies, you’ll need the following colors and consistencies of royal icing:

  • Flood consistency royal icing: Orange, Red, Green, Mustard
  • Medium consistency royal icing: Brown and Red
  • Stiff consistency royal icing: Green

 My Sugar Cookie & Royal Icing Recipe

To achieve the proper royal icing consistencies, please read my blog post: What is Royal Icing?

Get the decorating products I use on this project here: My Store

Leave any questions in the comments!

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Autumn Leaf Cookies

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Born and raise in a tropical weather  I’ve never experience the changes in seasons until I move to NY, where I have enjoyed each of them, but without a doubt autumn is my favorite of all. Looking throw the window in the mornings and seen the change in color gives me such a nice comfort and it  gave me the  inspiration to create this tutorial that I hope you enjoy.

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