How To Make Isomalt Lollipops

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Hello everyone! In today blog I’ll show you how to make Isomalt Lollipops, just click the on the video down below and follow the step by step.



The Isomalt Crystals I Use

(Click on the image to buy them)

I really like to use the Ck Prodcuts Isomalt Crystals, there are different presentations, due to the demand of cookies I bake I buy it in bulk presentation, but I’m leaving you the links to the 1 and 5 lbs. I’ve been always asked the brand I use and I honestly highly recommend this one, since I’ve tried different ones but only this one gives me precisely the finish I need on my designs.

5Lb CK Products Isomalt Crystals
1 Lb Ck Products Isomalt Crystals

If you want to give this technique a try heres the recipe 👉🏻 Isomalt Recipe

I strongly recommend you to read this articule to learn about what to do and what NOT to do when cooking Isomalt so your creations come out looking great 👉🏻 Isomalt The Product I Use In My Cookies

Leave any questions in the comments!

Click on the video to learn how to prepare Isomalt. Don’t forget to Subscribe, Like and Share!


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