My MamaMadison Custom Apron

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Today I want to talk about my experience with the talented designer of the prettiest aprons on the internet, Tracie Esposito.


When I started my business, I wanted an outfit that I could use for my baking and decorating classes, as well as for appearing at events.  So began my search for the perfect uniform.

I quickly noticed that everything on the internet, as well as in catalogs, were the typical black or plaid pants with white chef’s coats.  Not content with the standard chef’s uniform, and wanting something cuter and more fun, I continued my quest.  After searching some more, I found a business making beautiful custom aprons: Mama & Madison Custom Apron Collection.  Finally, a way to design my own uniforms that would help distinguish my business from the rest.

Tracie Esposito, designer of these beautiful aprons, is an amazing person to work with.  Her customer service is top notch, and she’s always pleasant and accessible.   On her page, Mama & Madison Custom Apron Collection, you’ll find a variety of designs available with an amazing array of fabric choices.  You also have the option of creating your own custom design, which Tracie will help you with (if need be).  My favorite of the many options you can choose from is to embroider your logo onto the bib of the apron.  Tracie’s work is high quality Haute Couture; your customized apron will look fantastic and last a long time.  I’ve had mine since February of 2014 and the apron still looks as if I’d purchased it yesterday! Now I’m looking forward to designing my next apron.

Do not hesitate to acquire one of these cute, custom aprons designed especially for you!


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