Chocolate Chip Cookies

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Today I’m sharing my version of a classic recipe, chocolate chip cookies!


I prefer the flavor of Ghirardelli baking chips, but if you can’t find them,  feel free to substitute Nestle chocolate chips.  The center will remain soft after baking, so enjoy them warm.

The easiest way to achieve great results is to use a cookie dough scoop.  The scoops helps you maintain consistent portion size, which aids in proper baking in conjunction with a quality baking sheet.  In a pinch, you can use a large spoon, though this can cause inconsistencies in size and texture.

To prepare the baking sheets, I line them with parchment paper, but for this recipe you can also use silicone mats.
To get the recipe, click the picture below.

Print the recipe

Here’s the list of supplies you’ll need to complete this project, with links to the products I use.

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