How To Make Royal Icing Roses

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After receiving multiple questions regarding the royal icing roses I use in my decorating, I’ve decided to create this tutorial to teach you the technique.  This tutorial also covers variations in size, for those of you that asked about the small and extra large roses.

Royal Icing Roses

The correct icing consistency is critical to the proper production of roses.

To learn about icing consistencies, and how to attain them, check out my tutorial: What is Royal Icing?

Royal Icing Stiff Consistency

Here’s the list of the supplies you’ll need to complete this project, with links to the products I use.

Leave any questions in the comments!

Watch the video for a step-by-step tutorial. Don’t forget to Like and Share!

Get the decorating products I use in my projects here: My Favorite Products


6 thoughts on “How To Make Royal Icing Roses

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  4. I am not sure why the isomalt glass on my shakeable cookies turned blurry. So, I place my cut cookie on aluminum foil (i researched that the glass can look more clear), and pour isomalt,. After 1-2 days or longer, the isomalt glass turned blurry. Do you know why?

    Also, I used 3 layers cookie to make 1 shakeable cookie with sprinkles inside. I saw that you only have 2 layers and they are shakeable.


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