How To Decorate Cookies With Royal Icing Roses And Brush Embroidery

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Brush Embroidery is definitely one of my favorite techniques when it comes to decorating cookies, though I often use it for cakes and cupcakes as well.  Brush Embroidery is great for adding an elegant look to your creations.

Brush Embroidery Roses

Perfecting Bead Embroidery is dependent on the proper icing consistency.  Learn about the different icing consistencies, and how to achieve them, here.

If you want  to learn how to make your own royal icing roses click on the picture.

Royal Icing Roses

If you don’t have the time to (or feel like) preparing your own icing roses, you can purchase them here.

Here is a list of the supplies you’ll need for this project:

  • Red flood consistency royal icing
  • White medium consistency royal icing
  • Green stiff consistency royal icing

My Sugar Cookie & Royal Icing Recipe

Learn more about Royal icing consistencies here: What is Royal Icing?

Remember, practice makes perfect! Leave any questions in the comments section.

Follow the link to learn how to create these cookies:

Get the decorating products I use in my projects here: My Favorite Products

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