Vintage Bunnies Cookies

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Learn how to create these cute vintage cookies, they will make a cute party favor on a babyshower!

My Sugar Cookie And Royal Icing Recipe

Learn how to prepare my Sugar Cookie and Royal Icing Recipes and start decorating like a pro! Please note PDF will be send to your email, once payment is received. Allow 24 hours for Payment to be processed


Scribe Tool

PME Scriber Needle Modelling Tool


To achieve the proper royal icing consistencies, please read my blog post: What is Royal Icing?

To achieve the proper royal icing consistencies, please read my blog post:


What is Isomalt:

⭐Materials on this project
• Scribe tool
• Wilton Color Right Performance Color System
• Piping Bags
• Wilton Icing Bag Ties
• Tip 1
• Tip 2
• Tip 3
• Egg cookie cutter
• Gray edible ink / marker
• Black edible ink / marker
• 5 piece decorating brush set
• Pearl dust
• White dust
• Brown dust
• Gold Highlighter dust

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2 thoughts on “Vintage Bunnies Cookies

  1. Hi
    I love your stuff. I’m based in South Africa
    I tried to use isomlat yesterday…. but I found it very cloudy and not shiny. When I listen it off the baking paper it was more milky than clear…..
    Any advice…..
    Also when I try to fill the cookies they don’t seem deep enough to make a sandwich with filling.
    Hope to hear from you soon


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